Monday, 24 December 2012

Lille Julaften

It's 1.06am now so I guess technically not Lille Julaften (Little Christmas Eve) any more... but it was nice while it lasted. K got a bit confused with the Danish references to the day before Christmas Eve all day and as he climbed the stairs tonight asked 'Is Santa coming tonight??'. 

 Another two carol concerts in 24 hours. One in the church with rather dangerous candles and unwilling children not performing when they should have. And one yesterday in a pub with a Sally Army band which was only slightly off perfect when I was ushered to the front by over keen (and somewhat drunken) relatives to sing a solo. I think the church should get out more and have maybe 50% of their services in a pub. Definitely going to try to do a carol concert in the local hostelry next year. Love it.

 Last night's was made even better by the picturesque village pub location, the fact that it's exactly at the bottom of the drive of the place we were staying, and by the fact it enabled me to see my nephew, who seems impossibly grown up all of a sudden, serving behind the bar!!

But back to tonight - here's (top) last night's loner by R - there's less wind tonight so you can actually see what it looks like.

Then (middle) tonight's Lone Star ... or is that Lone Ranger? And (bottom of the three) tonight's. Yes, spot the deliberate error? Well, I made the boxy one ages ago but we hadn't used it and by tonight when there should be 23 on the tree there are only 21.. so we thought an extra one tonight wouldn't hurt. Might do several tomorrow. We're not bound by rules and advent regulations, us!

I got a message from friends in Glasgow about similar starry sabotage going off in their neighbourhood. Another friend in Wales thinks she might do something next year. The Willow Wanderer just needs to figure out crocheted stars and we all might somehow be spreading seasonal lurve and beautiful things further and wider than any of us hoped. Ye hay!

And from the nuts and bolts (right) to the very nearly finished version (below) ... it's looking rather lovely even if I do say so myself!

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  1. i think crocheted stars is beyond me, i can only do circles and rectangles!
    def up for spreading some starry lurv tho wherever we end up next year, will get the kids involved.