Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Happy Christmas!

It's finally here. The Big Day. The 25th. Christmas. Shame I still have a pile of wrapping to do...

This is the last one. Not quite at the top of the tree but as near as a strapping nephew or two could get it. Far enough off the ground to have to use the zoom on my phone, thus rendering it almost impossible to make out on the pic!

 Is it a cheat to finish on a flurry of stars? I don't think that's the technical term for a group of stars. Is it an asteroid? Maybe it's a solar system. It's just too darn late for that sort of general knowledge. But funny really when you think that baby born under that famous star was sposed to have been there when the stars were born too. It's a pretty bananas concept.  

R and I somehow managed a eucharistic moment when we did the last star last year. Maybe we'll manage that when we take these ones down. Twelfth Night outing anyone??

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