Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Disappearing Advent

Where does the time go in Advent? Why is my life so full that I feel like I fall from one thing to another? Where do the evenings go? I had so much to do tonight. Booking panto tickets, bit of shopping online to get all the stuff Westfield couldn't deliver, making the things I've promised myself I would make for the kids' Christmas presents, trying out the next Crafty Ladeez* project and that's even before the Christmas card/letter job or sending parcels off to far flung friends task. Yikes. Haven't managed any of it.

I think the stress of a disappearing Advent can only have been compounded by a morning in Westfield. It doesn't help in the promotion of any sense of spiritual waiting or longing and certainly merely contributes to that general sense of unease of this time of year... why, exactly, are we doing all this? At moments like this (contemplating just how much is OK to spend on crackers, for instance) I do feel very grateful for at least having a faith and a 'reason for the season' (as they would say in those cheesy evangelical Christmas adverts). I can go with the feasting celebration thing more easily, I think, with the bigger story as a backdrop. I think without it I would soon find myself going down the Scrooge path.

So, tonight the star and the musings feel like just one more flippin' thing to fit in. But it's quite nice to get it off my chest. Is 23.57pm too late to get the sewing machine out?

Not sure the mushroom stick has ever been so well used...

*Crafty Ladeez is a monthly gathering of Clapton women who want to make things. Trendy wool-wrapped wreaths last time, tin can lanterns next time. Coming to a blog near you soooooon. When I get the time.... In the mean time, come along if you're in the 'hood.

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