Sunday, 2 December 2012

Is there, actually, a star to be followed?

So, the star in the tree is lovely. But if we put all the stars in the tree, is there any 'following' to be done at all? Oh the dilemas of an Advent Adventurer. R and I both love the idea of people following the star but last year we tried to spread them over too wide an area methinks and the trail was lost. This year maybe we'll have swung to the other end of the pendulum, but at least we feel people will notice them. We've plumped for variety being the spice of life and hope that regular Chatsworth Road-ers will enjoy the journey of the design development rather than a journey from A to B.

 Anyway, R had her adaptability tested severely today when she found herself half way to a well earned outing to the opera minus credit card to pay for the entry. Her DD (mm, too many hours on mumsnet... darling daughter for the unnitiated) had used it and not replaced it. She says she enjoyed a coffee and a chance to think about a piece of work she's got to do next week...  She is so calm that woman. You would have heard my reaction all the way from b****y Baker St if it'd been me.

In a rather nice 'we're all on the same wavelength' moment I noticed a few tweets about 'following the star' today, with people pointing towards a daily devotion app Despite the terrible font used on the website (American - and you can tell!) the whole thing looks great - and they do a themed thing for Lent too, and going back to school. Brilliant. #followingthestar for those twitterers out there. Which reminds me I just realised I've got not one underused twitter account but two. No idea how I did that but I suspect it'll take me about 4 hours to work out how to rectify the situation. Feeling my age...

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