Sunday, 2 December 2012

Here we go again...

These were the protypes. We're still playing around with ideas to be honest. The milk carton won out today but R doesn't think she'll get through a 6 pint pack a day and we have it delivered in bottles, so we might be a bit short of raw materials!

But it was nice to go out (bit windy round my recently chopped head - what a ridiculous time of the year to loose a fine crop of ear warming hair!) and be scheming and dreaming about Advent stars on Chatsworth Road again.
The result was terribly pleasing. Having toyed with the idea of spraying the milk carton gold (I think R secretly wishes we were graffiti-ing again - maybe she got addicted to the smell of the can?) we left it white and it looks luvverly. All glowy in the orange neon and sort of shimmery as it waves about against the inky sky.

Came back and made some home-made mincemeat so am definitely feeling all Advent-y. Though for those in the 'know' of course Advent doesn't officially (if the Church is the keeper of such officiality) start until tomorrow. The 2nd of December. ?? Don't ask me... 

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