Thursday, 6 December 2012

Appealing stars

Last year the question was always, where shall we spray it? This year it's more 'what shall it look like'. It feels nice for it to be a creative process in that way. Especially for me as work proved today to be a perfect supplier of milk cartons! Though R had a little help from her friends last night, and therefore in theory had a bit more 'height' on offer (thanks Simon) the galaxy of 5 still seem to be sitting pretty much all at one level on the tree. I think it may be time for another device. Or a chair or something. I keep wondering whether the Turkish guy from the corner shop across the road is going to offer to help us one night - this would be a perfect opener for us to borrow his step ladder rather than traipse it up Chatsworth Road every night - but so far he's wandered out, had a look, taken a few puffs on his cigarette, adjusted his woolly hat and retreated inside his conveniently warm store without making any move.

The fifth is inspired by the cardboard Christmas tree decoration sent to Christian Aid supporters for their Holy Land appeal. They are raising money for their partners in Israel and the Occupied territories. And seeing as I've spent all week with another lot of volunteer human rights observers who are heading out there in the New Year I thought I'd give the appeal a plug.

And here's another: aforementioned Simon's latest project. The Hillsborough Justice Collective bid for the Christmas No 1 spot. Good causes coming out of our ears tonight. In fact I already feel slightly overwhelmed by the number of times I've been asked for money on the doorstep or by post this Advent. But then I guess if you won't give now.. for goodness sake whenever will you??

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