Sunday, 16 December 2012

Bit of a late one

N was out again tonight. So when I got the call at 11.15pm he still wasn't back. It was not until the wee hours that we managed to get out but nevertheless when I found R waiting in the car she was rooting through her button box for some adornment for some homemade Christmas present or other. My homemade jobs got a bit shifted by other things today: finding an outfit for E to wear to her debut piano concert tomorrow; printing our Christmas cards; cleaning the lounge windows so we could put up the kids' snowflakes; three loads of laundry; overseeing homework; watching Polar Express. Still, there's always tomorrow.  Mind you tomorrow's a bit full of Nativities and piano concerts!  

Willow Wanderer posted the results of her recent yarn bombing today. I never know where such crafty ladeez fit in so much crafty stuff into their lives which surely are just as full to bursting as mine... Looks lovely though. Maybe we need to do some advent crocheting next year?? Anyone up for it?

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