2017 - star

What is your hope for this advent time?

Christmas, even if you don't celebrate it, marks the end of our western calendar year. Thoughts turn to the future at the same time as some of us look to the distant past and to stories that help us make sense of the sweep of history. Things feel uncertain, perhaps more than ever for us in our cosy part of the planet. Brexit. Trump. North Korea. The gap between rich and poor widening. More and more refugees on the move in search of sanctuary.

As traditional symbols of Christmas, the advent adventure on Chatsworth Road has always enjoyed using stars. This year we asked people to use them as a base for their decoration - to think about light, and love, and hope and fears, of stars shining in dark places, of leading the way and guiding us.

We hope you enjoy our starry Advent journey. Join us on twitter and instagram @chatsstarsE5 #followingthestar #chatsstars

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