Thursday, 20 December 2012

Wanted: tall people

 So, we got ourselves a tall(ish) person. And now we have our lovely 19th star in place near(ish) the top of the tree. It was a bit on the scary side to be honest. It's quite a narrow trunk so the ladder sits against it, touching it only in the middle of the top rung. It makes for a pretty precarious contraption. R and me were hanging on to the bottom of it for dear life as A got nearer and neaerer the top. He not only stood on the top rung to get it as high as possible but he hung around for ages, arranging it properly so it would hang and swing just so...

Bit too far away for my phone to get a decent pic though!

Feel pretty sure someone must be taking them down periodically. Only 15 up there again tonight. Either that or they're swimming around in the gutter somewhere. Probably better if someone's actually enjoying them!

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