Saturday, 8 December 2012

Dancing the night away

Being deserted by my partner in adventuring meant that tonight I was accompanied by the lovely Mary, and by Mini Mac One and Mini Mac Two. Mary brought the stool, but it was the Mini Macs who helped actually install the star so that the extra height of the stool was not exactly capitalized on. 

Lots of nice friendly affirmative comments from passersby today. Probably because it was a bit earlier than usual. I was complaining that I couldn't capture the recent addition with a decent photograph because of the wind. It took the 8 year old to suggest I took a video of it. Brilliant boy! (and what an old, old mother I must be not to think of that option myself!). 


Then Neil and I went out, leaving Mary in charge, for a 10th anniversary party. The band, Los Musicos, provided a fabulous repetoire and we had a good old boogie. Mixing up the ceroc, salsa and lindy hop we've learnt over the years seemed to work very well and, like the 8th star, we danced the night away. (Really good to have the Round Chapel once again decked out by the Willow Wanderer too).

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  1. Loving your stars posts as usual. Makes me feel very Advent-y.