Tuesday, 3 December 2013


I felt as though I was making some sacrifice today for the bollard. I wanted to have something to suggest a wedding. This is netting which we used in out wedding decorations 17 years ago. I only have a couple of bits left and I always like to have a bit in case a crafty project presents itself. Tonight one of those bits went on number Two. It's for Claire and Nigel. Two people I have never met but who are friends of a friend of mine. 

I have been thinking about them a lot today. They wanted to get married but had put it off. Only a short time ago Claire found out she had advanced stage cancer. She died today having not been able to realise her wish of marrying Nigel.  They had been denied by the local registrar who said since she was on morphine she couldn't be said to be in her 'right mind'. Has Nigel's Advent, his waiting time, finished? Or just begun? A small sacrifice of something sentimental for me somehow seems fitting. Nice to bring back the gold stars to Chatsworth Road too. 

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