Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Thinking about Helen who's in the Homerton tonight. One missing from the Monday Night Meal-ers. R brought green felt to think about hope. Fresh new hope. 

Lara's family are going to Rushmore tomorrow to put their decorative tiles with the ones done by her 5 year old class mates around the tree by which her short life is remembered. I read today of a new book prize, Oscars Prize, to find the best pre-school book each year. It's been set up by a dad whose son of the same name died a year ago. '"My son died"' he said 'are the 3 saddest words I can think of.' I am not sure how you cling to hope in those times. But I guess our Advent waiting points to hope for all. I hope I would cling to that if I ever had to inhabit those terrible words. 

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