Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Twenty four

A Hackney altercation and extremely inclement weather jolts us out of our bollard complacency tonight. Four of us are thrust from the cosines of candlelight and fire side carols around the tree. From the heart of huggile (Danish feelings of snugness and warmth while we've been celebrating Lille Yule Aften) into the depths of a windy/rainy night on Chatsworth Road with a fight in full flow. R phones the police and runs after the warring factions but by the time she is talking to someone the fighting couples have parted. A police car saunters up as we're painting a gold 24 on the bollard farthest away from the very shouty guy. They don't seem too bothered by us and we quickly part making our way back to our respective cosy homes. Glad that we have them. 

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