Sunday, 22 December 2013

Twenty two

The wrapping has begun. This is unheard  of. Usually wrapping starts around 1am on Christmas Eve after R and I have been to midnight service at and finished our last advent adventure. But M has been asking for a year now if we can get some presents under the tree before Christmas morning so we've pushed the boat out and done it. He will be beside himself tomorrow. And so will start a rather tiresome game where he'll push the boundaries and start doing a little bit of surreptitious peeling as well as shaking and feeling and we'll tell him not to about a gazillion times. I guess that's all part of the fun! So tonight we left a bow on the bollard. I salvaged this fabric from the bins at the Round Chapel after a Sikh wedding over a decade ago. I made 25 advent bags out of most of it to contain the play mobile figures which the kids open each day to make our nativity. So it's fabric that very much says 'Christmas' to me. Hope the punters at the market tomorrow enjoy it! 

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