Tuesday, 10 December 2013


So, we finally do one for the next night.. if you get my drift. 10 will be ready for all to enjoy tomorrow, the 10th December and the 10th day of Advent. But tonight I am thinking this is Christmas embodied: all shiny and red and silver and sparky and a bit out of control. We went to hear K sing in a UNICEF carol concert which, as last year, was a fantastic mix of kids singing, a brilliant choir (the Joyful Company of Singers) and a chance to belt out the favourites. It's the only chance I get to pretend I can do the descant - none of the other services I get to will have enough voices to drown me out!! But double bonus this year was that it was by candlelight. Despite a rather horrible incident at our own church's candlelight carol service last year I do rather like them. (NB for all those intending to join The Round Chapel's Candlelit Carols on 22nd Dec at 5pm, we're working on improved H&S this year!)

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