Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Twenty five

Hessian tonight. Hessian for the babe in a manger. The shop keeper from Kurdistan says 'Merry Christmas'. Possibly the only English phrase he knows. R's other half joins us. Mine has already been to a midnight communion service. Well. Half of it. We share bread and wine and wonder how is it that Advent has slipped past so quickly once more. We took our kids to see the #BethlehemUnwrapped wall today. 8 metres high and as much a monstrosity in Piccadilly as it is in Bethlehem. We graffitied words of peace and a big star and went inside to see the art. All of us did a bit of a double take to find men sleeping on pews amongst the works if art. Then we went on to the carousels in Leicester Square. An Arthur Christmas movie before bed and its easy to 'forget the baby Jesus' in the words of that rather over familiar carol from school. The third time K came down declaring he was scared if Santa coming I went to sit with him and regaled that other story to keep his mind off nighttime visitors. How would Mary and Joseph got through the checkpoint from Jerusalem to Bethlehem? Would she had to have given birth at the checkpoint? She wouldn't be the first. 

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