Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A tingling sensation

The wind howled, the rain lashed, the rubbish blew in circles over our heads (but we didn't hear music in the air!). Another fantastic night to go gallivanting. Earlier she said "Why don't you take it and do it on your way home before it gets too wet?". But it's a discipline I told her. Yes yes, you're right. So that's what I tell myself as I pull a warm scarf around me, heading out into the elements when a cup of tea and a cosy radiator beckon. Phrases of carols are racing round my head as I leave the nativity service preparation I'm doing."His wings of drifted snow, his eyes aflame". "Star of silver sweep across the sky". "He come from de glory... he come from de glorious kingdom". How crowded the Christmas imagery is with heavenly bodies and constellations! Seems a million miles away from a rainy windy night on Chatsworth Road. We're getting more efficient though. Needs must in this weather. Already we know we're heading to the bus stop. There will surely be a dry patch there. Otherwise, why would you bother with a bus shelter? It's quick and it feels right - when we step back at our handiwork it really does look like it belongs there. I pretty much run home, hoping a bit of exercise will shift the shivers. The rendevous, the spray, the documentation, the leave taking couldn't have taken more than 10 minutes. Never the less I still have 15 minutes of the tingling fingers of poor peripheral circulation when I'm back indoors. I suspect that encounters with miraculous heavenly bodies may have a similar effect. I quite like the idea of an encounter with God leaving a long term tingling sensation!

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