Monday, 12 December 2011

Gold blobs

The rainy dilema again tonight. Put it somewhere easy to spot, but risk it being washed out by morning; or put it somewhere dry and risk it being hidden from view most of the time? A little cable cover outside the phone box provided a compromise. Dry (well, after she cleaned it off with the cuff of her coat. Honestly she has no shame that woman). Semi lit by the light from the phone box. Dark background for a nice bright star too. And a real bonus is that some how (because it's in a 'box' shape?) it looks a little like a Hollywood star. I wonder whether there's a subliminal desire on both our parts to have some sort of golden recognition for who we are? And this Advent Adventure is merely a pretty sad short cut to Hollywood Boulevard?? I don't spose when you get your Hollywood star you also have to end up with a gold finger... This Clapton version is a messy business. Especially when you try to recreate a washed out one from day 3. On that bumper by the school. It was too wet a night for such a touch-up job and we watched the gold leak from the pointy sharpness into a bit of a blob. A gold blob. From the famous Chats Bouvelward Walk of Blobs. Been feeling a bit blobby myself today. Too many late late nights painting and sorting kitchen stuff. Yawned all through church. But then it was Christingle-with-the-kids service. Love the smell of the oranges. Love the candle thing. Even love the sweets. But the whole thing as a spiritual icon leaves me a bit cold to be honest. Gimme a star any day.

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