Tuesday, 20 December 2011


N and I have spent quite a large part of the last 4 months of our lives on the internet researching and buying kitchen related stuff. Tonight I find myself, at 1.30am again (I love the fact this blog seems to be operating on East Coast US time zone - even when I post well into the next day London time it still shows as the day we actually did the spraying - yippee!), looking for spotlights to buy. Not any old spotlights though. N has made it his business to see that our new kitchen, though it will have many lights, will not be chucking out CO2 emmissions willy nilly. What that boy doesn't know about LED lighting is not worth knowing. But it has made for a rather over complicated (in my view) approach to internet shopping. Like buying the transformer, the bulb, and the housing all from different suppliers. The rather lovely John Lewis lighting bar which I found had to be returned because the GU10 bulb it boasted was interchangeable with a dimmable warm white LED GU10 of the correct size. Which is a shame because I really liked that light! So, another late night, another internet search for something which will satisfy his need for low wattage and my need for loveliness. Our lovely builder often rants on about the trouble with people like us being wedded to the internet is that the internet is full of information written by people who don't know what they're talking about. And sometimes I can see his point. If one more catalgoue or product review tells me that the taps will bring serenity and calm to the kitchen, the colour of the paint will harmonise with anything in the house, the handles (I ask you!) will mean we are bang on trend or that sink will change my life in profound and beautiful ways I will not be held responsible for my actions.Sorry, was this supposed to be about stars. Oh no, I've got to the pontificating stage of blogging... help!

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