Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The star with a halo

The star placing tonight was snatched, quickly executed: meeting her off the train and catching a moment as she walked home. Her middle one has got stars in her eyes, but not in a good way. Two seizures in two days, both full blown flaking, shaking affairs in full view of her new class mates. How hard is that? Thinking a lot about M tonight. Thinking that she could do with a lucky star. A guiding star. A star to hold onto when the mist closes in. She's got one, of course. A deep faith holds her and often rises up, somehow unexpectedly, through the craziness and merriment which bubbles out of her. A long while ago she was an angel in a Sunday school play in a forest and I have the photo still, of the most radiant of cheurbs, blond curls bouncing all around her pale face, with a mischievious, somehow whistful, angelic smile playing on her lips. A true star girl. Seems pretty fitting that tonight's star developed a sort of halo...

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