Saturday, 10 December 2011

Star searchers

On the pretext of getting oranges for the Christingle service tomorrow at church, I persuaded my starry girl to come on a wander. I cajoled her quite a long way past the veg shop in order to happen across the first (or most northerly) star thinking we might be able, with a few prudent 'shall we cross here?' suggestions, track the whole line. But this is the place of the rain and the lost spray can cap and the hysterical laughter, and I couldn't find it for the second time of looking. We spot the next (no. 6) on the zebra crossing near the school. Then the very shiny one, on the pavement, near the deli (no.9) and she's off, all excited about looking for stars. A couple of fortuitous crossings bring numbers 4, 7, 8 and 10 across our path. But I realise two things. Firstly it's a very long road. I say to R tonight "We need to be doing 5 per night if anyone's going to notice them". "Who says we can't?" she replies, with a glint in her eye. Secondly some are fading fast and if the person who actually put them there can't find them, maybe it's time to be giving them a bit of a helping hand with a second coat. Tonight she brings an Advent Pilgrim with her, who tells us of a group she's heard about called the The Guerilla Gilders*. They go out with a bit of gold leaf and bring a touch of Midas to bits of street furniture. How cool is that? Maybe we could get them to touch up the earlier stars? I suspect the real McCoy lasts a bit longer than spray paint.

*A quick google reveals little. I guess the definition 'guerilla' sort of precludes a blog about what you're up to.

 By the way. Here's no.7 up close and in all the glorious Hackney context too. Just for completeness you understand.

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