Saturday, 3 December 2011

Lessons learnt so far

First lesson: spray paint doesn't like wet surfaces. We struggled to find a spot which didn't actually have a mini river running through it (chosen road is on a slight hill). Is this why all the graffiti art you ever see is on a vertical surface? Second lesson: Trying to find a dry spot under a car for this sort of activity makes you look extremely suspicious. You know, even more so than usual. Third lesson: Never rush the paint job otherwise the cap might flick off and you will be left scrabbling under said car in the pouring rain, getting wet knees and crying with laughter. We had to dash home and steal another cap from a different spray can to be able to complete the job. So while we're learning fast about the life and trials of street artists (I use the word loosely) I guess it will take a few more until the lessons of the star journey across Advent start filtering in.

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