Sunday, 4 December 2016

No 4

By the pre-school kids of Village Green. (With a little help from their carers.)

As I was setting out the toys early one morning a couple of weeks ago for our weekly playgroup at the Round Chapel, I got thinking about all the many people who would step foot in the main hall of the building that Wednesday. And the importance of spaces like this to open its doors and make people feel welcome and at home.

From the local families who would come in for a play that morning...maybe having had broken sleep the night before with their babies and happy for some company and a strong cup of coffee. To the guests who would attend the weekly Jobs Club at lunchtime...maybe having had a rough week and coming to see Alison and volunteers for some non-judgmental advice about their benefits or job searches. To the people who would come in later that night for a warm meal and a safe space to sleep with the Hackney Winter Night Shelter team...having perhaps slept rough the night before and welcomed with some dignified touches like fresh flowers.

And so, this bird box was decorated that Wednesday morning by the children and parents who attended the playgroup - it is covered with sparkles, glitter & fun. And on a cold day, but from a warm space with open doors.

Can you spot where it's hanging? 

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