Friday, 2 December 2016

No 3

By Dannie

Ontop of a landfill, surrounded by police, in thin tents and tiny shacks, both barely waterproof. Freezing cold, sick and still running, living in the slums of Calais ... where do you find home? Where you find the safety amongst the chaos, the warmth amongst the shivers? What is home, and how can you even think about recreating it without the ones you had to leave so far behind? 

Living and working in the Calais Jungle for two months taught me a great deal about what home means. How the creative human spirit can allow nations to work together hand in hand, how when you take away the fear and focus on kindness 10 thousand needs can be met. If you inspire love and hope you can create a home. Home is our comunity, the crazy, misshapen, multicoloured family we build around us. Whether linked by blood or not our comunity are the familiarity that brings the settled comfort that allows a building, shack, cardboard box, or even a dirty old stable to feel like home. Home is place we feel safe, where we can share experiences, laughter, tears and often food. But most of all home is where we feel the love of those around us. 

Wherever it may be and whatever it looks like, I pray you are blessed with a home this Christmas.

The text on the tent material on the chapel Dannie made was written by one of the children from Calais before the jungle was destroyed. It reads:

If you lose money, you lose nothing.
If you lose a friend, you lose something.
If you lose hope, you lose everything.

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