Tuesday, 20 December 2016

No 20

By Annabelle

Recently we got a new front door. After the paint had dried two brass numbers were firmly affixed - 33.
The number on our door is more than just an address, it is short hand for 'home'.
Come over to number 33, we're at 33, it's all happening at 33.
This got me thinking about other numbers too....
Numbers that have represented home to me. 187.
Numbers that resonate with meaning. Number 10.
And numbers that represent so much but seem to mean so little.
6437 homeless people in London.
340 children drowned trying to come to Europe.
7,467,774,68 people in the world.
140,000 hairs on my head.
Advent is a time for counting the days, but as I try to find the tiny numbers on our Advent Calendar every day I am trying to remember the other numbers.
Numbers that are so easy to say and so difficult to comprehend. 

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