Friday, 16 December 2016

No 16

By Fran

'Home' to me is living in a community it's bumping into a smiling face, a chance encounter with people on the street that I know and love. You know when you bump into someone and they just make you smile as you walk on through the rest of your day... 

People surprised me when I moved to London from a village where everyone knew everyone. I thought I would be lost in a City that was void of community. People became friends, shop owners became familiar and chatty and many people shared their homes, friends, food, ideas and stories. Streets seemed lighter now there was someone I knew there. People who were hospitable in whatever small way then gave me the confidence to pass it on. 

Since living in London for over 10years I hope I can be a smiley light of home for people who felt like me.

The box has the local streets in and around chatsworth road shining with the warmth of home. I hope we can be a welcome to anyone arriving to join in in this wonderful city whoever they may be. 

My hope is that welcome continues to come easy to this city and the people that call it home.

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