Saturday, 10 December 2016

No 10

By Eleanor

When I was thinking about what to do with my bird box, I thought mostly along the lines of what home meant to me. At first I was completely stuck; I could come up with ideas but they were all too big and general for me to represent on a bird box. Eventually I decided I would have to narrow down my thought processes and focussed on Christmas. We have always done the Christmas at home, and it is the time of year when I feel most connected to my home. There are six figures on my bird box - my parents, siblings, my grandmother, and me. There is also a Ballerina to represent the Nutcracker ballet my siblings and I watch every Christmas Eve, and a wooden figurine who 'smokes' incense - a German Christmas tradition. Another German influence is the place of Zimtsterne cookies. On the bottom of the bird box is the figurine of Jesus in the manger which features in my family's German (of course) nativity scene. To me, each of these things makes up my Christmas traditions and is a good way as any to represent what home means to me.

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