Thursday, 11 December 2014

Número doce

Brought to you by Denise...

I've never prepared an outside art piece before and just walking up to Chatsworth Road from home I thought the wind and rain might rip it to bits. So let's hope Our Lady the Virgen de Guadelupe uses her super powers to hold it together for the 13 more days. 

The centre piece is doublesided, and my vision was to hang this from a tree but we sought the solidness of a wall to better protect it.

On view is the Zapatista Virgen de Guadalupe (fitting for the 12 of December) and some stars (of course). And on the other side (not on view unless the wind and rain rip it down) are images and teasers to the 'star story' or 'Why we have hope on Earth', which you can read here. What fun, can't wait (but will have to) to see what's next!

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  1. the virgin of guadalupe! we are projecting her image onto our church tomorrow night and my star is also themed for the festival hooray for mexican neighbors x x x