Wednesday, 10 December 2014

I am a one in ten..

No 10 is thanks to Vivi and the kids at a The Village Green ...

And much thanks to Chatsworth Cleaners for hosting it... they all looked much amused when R and I showed up with a ladder and two kids in tow tonight to put it up. I hope they didn't think we were too amateurish. I struggled with R's ladder... she lost the things to hook it up with. I'm sure they thought we'd end up on the floor or, worse, through their window!

Anyway when I said we'd be back after Christmas to pick it up he said 'Why don't you leave it there?' I think R and I could maybe start a window dressing business! That's the third someone's asked to keep... I am rashly saying 'yes'. It seems the right colours for its home.. red, green and gold...

The Lovely Danielle stopped us as we put numbers up belatedly on '9' and '8'. 'I love them!' she says 'I saw the red one first, then others keep popping up all over the place!' I think we found another willing volunteer to add to our artists for next year! 

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