Sunday, 7 December 2014


No 8 is c/o Rachel ...

That's often what I feel I do in life.
And juggle.
This is what we have here. Spun carrier bags and strips of found curtain which is far more a vivid blue in real life!

Amidst the spinning of 2014 there has been enormous uncertainty, a sense of being overwhelmed and more change than I can remember for a long time.
It's one of those years when we'll look back and wonder how we got through it. She says in hope!

In amongst the buzz of it all there have been wee encounters that make you realise you aren't alone.
Wise words that keep you going.
Generosity that reassures.
Kindness that builds you up.

The spinning doesn't necessarily stop, but there's a new way of dealing with it, keeping your balance.

So if you are spinning too..
                                          ..take heart and hold on!

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