Saturday, 9 December 2017

No 9 - by Anne, Kay and Eleanor

This last year has been too busy. Balancing work, home, relationships with friends and family while trying to keep track of 3 teenagers increasingly doing their own thing often has me feeling like I'm not doing anything well or enough. But with one of those teenagers in her final year of school and probably leaving home next year, I'm also more than ever aware of how precious the 4 people I share my house with are to me, and how hard it will be to have my eldest spread her wings. This year my contribution is our contribution - it has stars from everyone in the family in it. Mine are filled with words - talking about what I love about my family and a reminder to myself to hold onto that. Others have pictures - each in a very different style and immediately recognisable. I'm sure they all have their own take on what they contributed, but I like the idea that we are all together.  

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