Monday, 4 December 2017

No 3 - by Rachel


December already.

Fag end of a year that went quicker than ever.

A year of remembering life and holding loss.

Much celebration of friendship and connection,

Alongside excruciating jibes and heartfelt remorse.

A year when we tentatively trust the certainties we think to be true.

My star is the explosion of a found mushroom crate from Chatsworth Road.

Met with foil, old paint and metal string it was therapeutic to thread and mold.

It reminds me that just life is complex.

A thrown together mesh of wonder and regret, delight and agony.

Advent for me holds the contradiction of wanting to take a reflective step of the carousel of life, at a time when there is more to do than ever.

Today it's been worth taking that step.

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