Friday, 13 December 2013


13.12.13. We have officially entered the season of nativity plays. I do love them. I feel a bit worried that this year will be my last nativity year. No more babies coming up for year 2. It was K's turn this year and Mexico City class did so well. Loads of them had little solos and have lovely tuneful voices. It always makes me cry. K knew at least 30% of the words and looked bored approximately 63% of the time but still I cried. 

Then tonight the Crafty Ladeez met to make fudge. We also drank prosecco, ate fudge, mince pies and Amerretti biscuits. What a very nice evening we had. I am very excited by my first batch of fudge. Creamy, crumbly, melty. Yummy. It's nearly Christmas. And this is my Christmassey material bought on my first visit to Ikea approximately 20 years ago!

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