Thursday, 3 December 2020


By Rachel

My star reminds me of 3 things that have kept me going during 2020.

The gold star is for my work in education. The beginning of the first lockdown coincided with a change in direction which has been both a privilege and an adventure. The regular rhythm of travel throughout the year gave an appreciated pattern and routine,  and the wonderful colleagues and inspiring children are a treat to work with.

The gold reminds me of our 13 year old retriever Honey who accompanied us in Lockdown 1.. then left us in August. Even after her hair has been hoovered up she still leaves a hole and we still mourn her loss.

Finally, the familiar 3 blue letters are a blatant reminder of my heroes this year. So many of our family and friends have been served by health teams across the UK - not just for COVID issues. I'm amazed at how much we have leaned on them and evermore grateful to those who literally risk their lives to care for others.

Thank you NHS.

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