Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Day 2

Can Chatsworth Rd handle the bling? 

Where will this beauty sit? 

Will the shop who promised to take it have talked to their HQ by tomorrow so that they do, actually, take it? 

R and I met tonight for a late night walk on Chatsworth Road, her all buzzing with the excitement of a girl who's left brown paper parcels in the windows of various shops. 

I can only see problems that need fixing: whether we have enough/too many people working on the last canvases; whether we have enough shops predisposed towards a mad Advent Adventure to take canvases. But we make a happy pair and when we get down to one of the last shops near the school and I see the small brown paper parcel sitting at kiddie eye level in the funeral parlour window, even I feel a little thrill of the season's excitement. 

This one's a Rhona classic. And classically she hasn't said much about it. Yet. I seem to have wittered on as usual though...

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