Monday, 30 November 2015

2015 - an Advent Calendar for Chatsworth Road

We like bringing stars to Chatsworth Road during Advent. We've done it for 5 years running now. 

And we have a new Advent Adventure for Chatsworth Road for 2015.

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With the generosity and help of a number of shops (erm, 25 actually) we will be bringing you one chocolate-free neighbourhood Advent Calendar. You can't get sneak previews. You have to wait for one to be opened each day. The 'pictures' in the calendar will be unwrapped one at a time. And here, in due course, you can see them all, and read about what the maker was reflecting on during the planning and making phase.

For some of us the star speaks of hope, of light, of love. We like the fact that this symbol can be embraced by those of all faiths, and those who don't profess faith. This year we were also wondering whether we could imagine stars of peace... stars which say 'no more violence'. We hate to see our people, our neighbours, our streets bleed. Peace needs much more than pretty pictures in an Advent Calendar. But maybe it's somewhere to start.

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