Sunday, 23 December 2012

No 22 all alone

Another retrospective blog I am afriad to say.. tonight we might get back up to speed....

L away. R here alone.

Very wet, very windy and very lonely! 
I waited late to see if the rain would stop - it didn`t! 
I wondered if the wind would subside - hardly!  

On my lonesome I arrived to the horrific sounds of animals at each others' throats.
Piercing yelps of despair. 
No one around to share the concern. Not even flat cap man on the corner.

So I peruse a modest perch for tonight's star with voices in my ears of warnings not to go too high.
With an eye over my shoulder for the killer wolf down the cobbled alley,
I'm feeling sad to be so close to the end. 

Where does the time go?

At least the rain is a familiar friend. 

Night night!

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