Sunday, 9 December 2012

Missing: two stars

The buzz of seeing the beautiful starry tree in the daylight with the festive backdrop of the Christmassey Chatsworth Road Market was somewhat marred by the dawning realisation that two stars were missing... The two that I put up on my own over the weekend when R was enjoying a weekend out of the Big Smoke. What sort of Advent Adventurer am I that can't even get the stars to stay in the tree?

So tonight was a bit of a restoration evening and a ladder enabled some more precision placing and untangling to be done too. It's looking lovely, even if I do say so myself.

As we chatted about this and that (shame that one of the many coffee shops, that have sprung up on the street since last year, is not open at 10ish every night. They would be making good trade out of me and R at least!) and then we spotted the picture. It is the sort someone would have to pay you to take away from a jumble sale, but here it is with pride of place on a random wall just next to our lovely tree. I am quite excited - perhaps it's one of many dotted around the streets? Perhaps it's another advent venture? Anyone know anything about it?

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